Thursday, April 5, 2012

Staying "fit"...

I think that one of the most important things to keep in mind when it comes to dressing with class, is making sure that you buy clothes that fit your body. No matter what size you may be; bigger, smaller, taller, or shorter... buying clothes that fit your body correctly can be essential to making your outfit even a tiny bit classier. I'm a firm believer in the saying that "size doesn't matter". When you wear tighter or bigger fitting clothes than what is appropriate for your body size, you can attract negative attention because of it. Wearing correctly-sized clothing can not only help you look more classy and stylish, but it can give you more confidence as well because you know that you look good.
Now let me set some thing straight here, I'm not talking about minor cases here, I'm referring to the major offenders. For example, it is never okay to see a girl's butt cheeks in public because her shorts are just that short. Or seeing women in shirts that display more cleavage than her bathing suit would.
 Wearing clothes that are 2 or even 3 sizes too small for you, is not showing your body off but instead is negatively putting it on display. If there is skin bulging out of those pants, shorts, or shirts that usually isn't, but due to the severe tightness now is, why would you continue to walk out the door wearing it? Honestly, how comfortable can that outfit actually be? Changing gears now... I think we're all familiar with the overwhelming trend of wearing clothes that are 2 or even 3 sizes too big for you thanks to Larry Platt from American Idol. "Lookin' like a fool with you're pants on the ground." Exactly Larry. To prove this point even more here's a picture that I recently came across...
Anyone who has looked at a skeleton of the human body can clearly see that NO this is not where the butt is located. So would you wear your pants so that the back pockets are covering the back of your knees instead of where they were intended to cover? Is it so you have the opportunity to wear your extra long t-shirts (that would be considered dresses if they were in the women's department of a store) with it? Putting aside that shear fact of impracticality and how hard it must be to do anything else when you constantly have to be holding your pants up, I think that it just looks plain ridiculous. 

I also feel that I should touch upon something else that relates to this subject; indecent undergarment exposure.When you were properly fitting clothes, this isn't an issue. Although I cannot give any insight as to what is going through people's mind when they feel the need to have their boxers and the "whale tails" of their panties sticking out of their pants, all I have to say if that there is a reason it is called "underwear". Leave something to the imagination and pull up your pants please. 

So remember when shopping, take advantage of those dressing rooms and if the clothes don't fit; then don't wear them.

   Stay Classy :)