Friday, July 6, 2012

Check it out!

One of my close friends has started an amazing t-shirt business on Etsy! These shirts are so cute and creative and absolutely perfect for summer! I think they're amazing and I just had to share with you guys, so check them out! :)

           These are just a few great designs! Find more at:

Stay Classy :)

Dear Diary... Oh wait this is my Facebook.

Over the past few years, social networking sites such as Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, etc. have become a big (and embarrassingly important) part of our daily lives. Let's face it as much as you try not to, we are constantly checking our Facebook every time we log onto our computer or fiddle with our phone, our social networking pages are usually the first things that we check. Along with these sites being very addictive, another appeal of these sites comes from the fact that many people use them as an outlet to air their feelings. These feelings are usually vented through status updates and were originally intended to act as a fun way to communicate with friends and to share with their "Facebook friends" the going-on's of their day. However, lately I've noticed a trend amongst people's statuses and that trend is overly complaining about personal problems and well, just being down-right not classy. I'm sorry but the world does not need to know every juicy sordid detail of your personal problems 10 times a day via your status. No, we do not need to hear about how b*tches are talking smack and you know it, or the details of how bad our day was and who made it that way status after status. I've always loved the saying "Don't air your dirty laundry in public"... well that counts for the internet as well. Also, as easy as it may be to start fights and call people out in a status, it's not only the opposite of classy but it is also just plain annoying. So for the sake of your classiness, and for the sake of your friend's news feeds not filling up with petty problems and cat fights; leave the venting for your diary, not the internet.

Stay Classy :)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Un-Classy Eyewitness Moment of the Week...

Dear girl walking in the center of town,
           If I can see your butt cheeks, those are not shorts you are wearing, they are underwear. Please consult a mirror and correct this disturbing public display of un-classyness immediatly.

Thank you.

Stay Classy :)

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hello Sailor! ... Mouths.

Inspired by one of my best friends, this topic is not about what you wear, or how you act, but concerns what comes out of your mouth. Yes, I'm talking about unnecessary swearing. I'm not talking about those heated moments of anger when a swear slips out... no my issue is with the times where someone casually slips the f-bomb into a normal conversation several times. For example, "Hey how the f*** are ya?", "Look at that f****** dog!", "That's f****** hilarious!"; so on and so forth, you get my drift. Growing up time and again we were told not to use bad words, and that swearing wasn't nice. Well in this day and age, swearing is a part of social culture whether people like it or not. This however does not mean that we should slip it into every conversation that we have that day. As adult and young adults, those "bad" words aren't as bad anymore, but that does not make them appropriate conversation pieces. Slipping the f-bomb and other swears in between every syllable of your sentences, is just downright un-classy. With this being said it's okay to let a couple swears fly in the heat of a moment, but let's try and keep our mouths clean otherwise.

Stay Classy :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012


With summer vacation right around the corner and my final exams coming to an end, I will soon be back from my hiatus with new posts to come!

Stay tuned and stay classy :)

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thank you so much!

Thank you so much to Jojo's diary for awarding me with the Versatile Blogger Award!! I can't thank you enough for following my posts, and really appreciate being awarded by you! :)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

My Apologies..

Sorry for the recent delays in posts! More to come soon I promise :)

Until then stay classy and thank you for following :)

Keeping it classy tip of the week..

Do not ever wear colored or patterned underwear under a white shirt, dress, pants, or shorts... ever. Stick to skin tone or white always. If you are going to put in the effort to put together a cute outfit, make sure your leopard underwear isn't clearly showing through your dress (attn. girl in my class today).

   Stay Classy :)

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Un-Classy Eyewitness Moment of the Week...

Happened when...
I was sitting in my car waiting in a parking lot when the girl in the car next to me gets out of her car and lifts up her dress so that she can pick her wedgie.. next time if you feel as though you absolutely need to make that un-classy move, please make sure no one is looking.

   Stay Classy :)

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Staying "fit"...

I think that one of the most important things to keep in mind when it comes to dressing with class, is making sure that you buy clothes that fit your body. No matter what size you may be; bigger, smaller, taller, or shorter... buying clothes that fit your body correctly can be essential to making your outfit even a tiny bit classier. I'm a firm believer in the saying that "size doesn't matter". When you wear tighter or bigger fitting clothes than what is appropriate for your body size, you can attract negative attention because of it. Wearing correctly-sized clothing can not only help you look more classy and stylish, but it can give you more confidence as well because you know that you look good.
Now let me set some thing straight here, I'm not talking about minor cases here, I'm referring to the major offenders. For example, it is never okay to see a girl's butt cheeks in public because her shorts are just that short. Or seeing women in shirts that display more cleavage than her bathing suit would.
 Wearing clothes that are 2 or even 3 sizes too small for you, is not showing your body off but instead is negatively putting it on display. If there is skin bulging out of those pants, shorts, or shirts that usually isn't, but due to the severe tightness now is, why would you continue to walk out the door wearing it? Honestly, how comfortable can that outfit actually be? Changing gears now... I think we're all familiar with the overwhelming trend of wearing clothes that are 2 or even 3 sizes too big for you thanks to Larry Platt from American Idol. "Lookin' like a fool with you're pants on the ground." Exactly Larry. To prove this point even more here's a picture that I recently came across...
Anyone who has looked at a skeleton of the human body can clearly see that NO this is not where the butt is located. So would you wear your pants so that the back pockets are covering the back of your knees instead of where they were intended to cover? Is it so you have the opportunity to wear your extra long t-shirts (that would be considered dresses if they were in the women's department of a store) with it? Putting aside that shear fact of impracticality and how hard it must be to do anything else when you constantly have to be holding your pants up, I think that it just looks plain ridiculous. 

I also feel that I should touch upon something else that relates to this subject; indecent undergarment exposure.When you were properly fitting clothes, this isn't an issue. Although I cannot give any insight as to what is going through people's mind when they feel the need to have their boxers and the "whale tails" of their panties sticking out of their pants, all I have to say if that there is a reason it is called "underwear". Leave something to the imagination and pull up your pants please. 

So remember when shopping, take advantage of those dressing rooms and if the clothes don't fit; then don't wear them.

   Stay Classy :)

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Books to check out!

"Classy" by Derek Blasberg
"Very Classy" by Derek Blasberg
"How to be a Hepburn in a Hilton World" by Jordan Christy

My top three celebrity class acts.

Lauren Conrad:
I may be biased, being a huge Lauren Conrad fan, but Lauren is definitely one of my top three class acts. Not a lot of stars can spend several years being followed around by tv cameras and come out in the end calm, classy, and a successful fashion designer.

Guiliana Rancic:
Not only does Guiliana have amazing style and a job hosting E News that most girls envy, she also has shown viewers the trials and tribulations that she has been through on the hit Style show, "Guliana and Bill." From infertility treatments to a diagnosis of breast cancer, Guiliana has been an inspiration for women everywhere, putting her life on display to help raise awareness, and has done so with an admirable amount of class.

Kate Middleton:
The Duchess of Cambridge not only has gracefully transformed into a Princess while the entire world watched, but she also did so with her own classy unique style.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Keep calm and stay classy.

Color wars... The color combination that is always a losing battle.

I think everyone can agree that when getting dressed the most important thing one can do is make sure that the colors that they are wearing match. However, there are some colors pairings out there that just don't work well together at all. Recently I became aware of some confusion on what colors exactly cannot be matched, three that come to mind are black and brown, navy blue and black, and grey and brown. So let's clear up this confusion:

Black and Brown:
We're talking about a deeper brown here, because lighter shades of brown such as tan are of course acceptable. A darker brown is completely acceptable when paired with black, just in moderation. For example here are some examples of how to do black and a darker brown right :

Black and Navy Blue:
Although not the brightest color combination, navy blue and black actually look great when paired together correctly. If you don't want to take my word for it, here's some proof:

Now for the last combination; Grey and Brown:
Here's the thing, I couldn't find any pictures of the colors working well together in an outfit because, well they just don't. This is the combo that just can't happen. Some things just don't compliment each other well, and when it comes to colors, those things are grey and brown. Light brown, dark brown, tan.. it just isn't going to happen.

Well I hope that helped to clear up some confusion!

   Stay Classy :)

Enough said...

Stay Classy :)

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

For your ears only... please.

Before I set foot on a college campus, I had never really noticed how many people didn't understand the purpose of headphones. In the library, before class, walking down the hall, it seems like people have forgotten that their headphones were permitting them to enjoy their music, while the rest of us around them got to enjoy our peace and quiet. Not only are you damaging your hearing little by little, but you're just being plain annoying. No thank you, I don't feel like sitting next to you before class and hearing every lyric of the rap song you're listening to because your music is THAT loud.  Really now? Is the only way you can enjoy your music by listening to it at 100% volume? Please I ask, wake up and realize that not everyone wants to listen along with you. Use your headphones for their intended purposes and enjoy your music by yourself, without treating the people around you to that listening pleasure as well.
    Stay Classy :)

Classroom Etiquette

It's amazing  how easily we tend to forget the simple lessons first taught to us in elementary school; Raise you hand in class. Don't interrupt other when they are speaking. Do onto others as you would do onto yourself. Basically, be respectful. These are just a few of the simple lessons taught to us at a young age that should mold into common sense as we grow older. This however, is not the case. It seems as though maybe colleges (and high schools) may need to introduce a class on how to act during class. Not cool... those people who sit there and mutter comments to themselves during the entire class, raise your hand and say it out loud.. and stop making those who sit around you crazy. Side conversations, not only are they disrespectful, but when the rest of the classroom is quiet and you just keep on murmuring to your friend.. how do you not feel like your being disrespectful? Lastly, my biggest pet peeve lately is an annoyance that I recently experienced.. laughing at a classmate's answers. Seriously people? You are in a college classroom, act like it. Respect not only your teacher, but also your other classmates. When your acting immature with your friend laughing at someone else's response, your classmates are seeing you as obnoxious and immature. Is that what you wanted to accomplish? I don't think so. So remember, sometimes even in the highest learning institutions, remember to simply be respectful.
    Stay Classy :)

Monday, March 26, 2012

Yoga pants: When to wear, and when not to wear? That is the question.

Yoga pants. Now i'll be the first to admit that every girl should have a pair in her closet.. they're comfy, curve-hugging, stylish (thank you Victoria's Secret), and no longer just for doing yoga. However, they are also being misused everyday by girls everywhere. Since they were originally intended to wear while doing yoga, of course wearing yoga pants while working out is acceptable, in fact I strongly encourage it. Bye, bye baggy sweatpants! Hello looking good while working out thanks to yoga pants. Also acceptable, feel like a comfy Friday night at home but still have people other than your family around? Yes, please feel free to resort to yoga pants and stay far away from sweats.
     Now that we've established when to wear yoga pants, now on to when not too.. School; a place where one is surrounded by their peers, teachers, and only has to spend 6 or less hours of their day. Put away the yoga pants and slip on a pair of jeans. Yes, I understand there are those days once in a while where you feel like crap and have to wear them, but the key word there is ONCE in a WHILE. The phrase "dress to impress" was coined for a reason people. Which brings me to something I witnessed the other night at dinner.. NEVER is it acceptable to substitute dress pants for yoga pants. From a far distance yes they look alike, but they are NOT the same thing. In fact, they are opposites.
     I believe yoga pants are a staple for every girl's workout wardrobe, just be careful to use them to your advantage and not to misuse them! Remember.. outside of the gym, fashion always comes before comfort.
     Stay Classy :)

Hello :)

So my first post I feel should be an explanation as to why I felt the need to start a blog in the first place..
Being a female college student,  I come across many situations and people during the day, that make me stop and wonder.. What were they thinking?; Do you really think that is an acceptable outfit to wear out in public?; Why would you ever say that out loud?; Did you seriously just post that on Facebook?; etc. Point being, I feel as though "kids these days" need a reality check on what's acceptable and what is definitely not acceptable in society today. Yes, there are so many different styles and trends of dress and behavior that are evolving and developing each day but, some things will never be ok. So this blog will serve as a place to voice my opinion and rants about these pet peeves of mine, and to hopefully knock some sense into the classless offenders out there.
              Stay Classy :)