Sunday, May 27, 2012

Hello Sailor! ... Mouths.

Inspired by one of my best friends, this topic is not about what you wear, or how you act, but concerns what comes out of your mouth. Yes, I'm talking about unnecessary swearing. I'm not talking about those heated moments of anger when a swear slips out... no my issue is with the times where someone casually slips the f-bomb into a normal conversation several times. For example, "Hey how the f*** are ya?", "Look at that f****** dog!", "That's f****** hilarious!"; so on and so forth, you get my drift. Growing up time and again we were told not to use bad words, and that swearing wasn't nice. Well in this day and age, swearing is a part of social culture whether people like it or not. This however does not mean that we should slip it into every conversation that we have that day. As adult and young adults, those "bad" words aren't as bad anymore, but that does not make them appropriate conversation pieces. Slipping the f-bomb and other swears in between every syllable of your sentences, is just downright un-classy. With this being said it's okay to let a couple swears fly in the heat of a moment, but let's try and keep our mouths clean otherwise.

Stay Classy :)

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