Tuesday, March 27, 2012

For your ears only... please.

Before I set foot on a college campus, I had never really noticed how many people didn't understand the purpose of headphones. In the library, before class, walking down the hall, it seems like people have forgotten that their headphones were permitting them to enjoy their music, while the rest of us around them got to enjoy our peace and quiet. Not only are you damaging your hearing little by little, but you're just being plain annoying. No thank you, I don't feel like sitting next to you before class and hearing every lyric of the rap song you're listening to because your music is THAT loud.  Really now? Is the only way you can enjoy your music by listening to it at 100% volume? Please I ask, wake up and realize that not everyone wants to listen along with you. Use your headphones for their intended purposes and enjoy your music by yourself, without treating the people around you to that listening pleasure as well.
    Stay Classy :)

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