Monday, March 26, 2012

Hello :)

So my first post I feel should be an explanation as to why I felt the need to start a blog in the first place..
Being a female college student,  I come across many situations and people during the day, that make me stop and wonder.. What were they thinking?; Do you really think that is an acceptable outfit to wear out in public?; Why would you ever say that out loud?; Did you seriously just post that on Facebook?; etc. Point being, I feel as though "kids these days" need a reality check on what's acceptable and what is definitely not acceptable in society today. Yes, there are so many different styles and trends of dress and behavior that are evolving and developing each day but, some things will never be ok. So this blog will serve as a place to voice my opinion and rants about these pet peeves of mine, and to hopefully knock some sense into the classless offenders out there.
              Stay Classy :)

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